Polycrystalline PV modules

ABi-Solar Polycrystalline PV modules have a 16% efficiency, which is one of the highest in the industry. Each module has a positive power tolerance of ∼+3% which is verified by the flash-test performed on each module individually.

ABi-Solar’s polycrystalline PV modules are designed for maximum efficiency to be used in insolation conditions with no more than 1200 kWh/m² per year, inherent to the Central European region.

Guaranteed performance: 95% power output for 10 years (since Sept.2017); 90% power output for 12 years; 85% power output for 18 years; 80% power output for 25 years.

PV modules are available with a capacity from 140W to 340W.

Polycrystalline modules 265-275W AB-60P(CN32)1.1 MiB104
Polycrystalline modules 260-275W AB-60P(CN31)1.4 MiB315
ABP-72P(CN31) 325-340W Polycrystalline PV modules for Large Scale Projects642.1 KiB476
AB-60PHC(CN32) Half Cell polycrystalline PV modules8.9 MiB290

How ABiSolar polycrystalline PV modules are made?