Polycrystalline PV modules made in EUABi-Solar has started to manufacture polycrystalline PV modules in factories located in the European Union. Until now, all PV modules produced under ABiSolar trademarkwere manufactured in China.The new PV modules are 100% Europeanmade: completely assembled in the European Union from European-only parts that includes European polysilicon cells, glass, conductors and wiring.The new PV modules will be available starting April, 2016.The model ST-P60250-EU has a maximum capacity of 250W that is certified and meets all EU standards. It can be installed in PV systems all over Europe with no restrictions.

The recommended retail price for a new ABi-Solar ST-P60250-EU is € 220.

New PV module specifications:
ST-P60250-EU PV modules674.5 KiB1118