ABi Solar expands its range of single-crystal panels and introduces a new line of PV modules with 120 PERC half-cells of increased size 166×83 mm and 9 busbars (MBB). The panels will be made in a traditional 60-cell form factor, with a maximum power of Pmax of 370W.

The new product line includes 4 models with capacities from 355 to 370 watts.

AB-60MHC 360-375W Monocrystalline Half-Cell 166 mm Multi-busbar Modules (2.8 MiB)

Using larger size of half cells 166×83 achieves a 12% higher silicon density without substantially increasing the module area. This makes the new panels more efficient compared to the popular modules on cells with a size of 158.75mm.

Advanced multi-busbar (9 busbars) and PERC technologies make photomodules even more efficient. Maximum efficiency is achieved in the new models will reach 20%.

The new PV modules will have dimensions of 1768×1046 mm with an aluminum frame 35 mm thick. Module weight of 20 kg. Deliveries of new models will begin in April 2020.

Following the 60-cell size (120 half-cells), production of 72-cell (144 half-cells) modules will be launched.

Like all previous ABi Solar models, the new line will be produced only at the Tier1 factories of the Bloomberg rating with a 10-year manufacturing warranty.