ABi Solar starts to supply new AB-78MHC high-performance PERC monocrystalline PV modules to the Eastern European markets.

The new modules have power from 575W to 590W and are made using Half-Cell technology in a 156-cell form factor. The number of busbars is 10 per single monocrystal cell.

New AB-78MHC high-performance PV modules

The module efficiency reaches 21.12%!

Panel dimensions – 2464×1134×35mm, weight – 32.1 kg.

All AB-78MHC series panels are backed by a 12 year manufacturing and 90% power output warranties. 80% power output warranty is 25 years.

You can download a data sheet with all the characteristics of the new PV modules here:
AB-78MHC 575-590W Monocrystalline PERC Modules328.8 KiB610

The new modules will be available from our regional distributors.