Mono PERC Half-Cell PV Modules

Higher output, efficiency & ROI due to reduced “Cell To Module” loss.

6% Less Internal Power Loss due to shorter ribbon length.

50% Higher Yield due to better shading response

Twice Less Mismatch Loss due to double internal strings of cells.

Manufacturing Warranty 100%
Power Output after 12 years 90%
Power Output 80%

Why ABi-Solar?

Half Cell PV Modules. What does it mean?

Half Cell module consists of conventional polycrystalline silicon cells cut in half.
So 60-cells standard PV module becomes 120-cells half-cell PV module.

Why Do We Cut the Cells?

Shorter Bus Bars

The shorter conductor, the less amperage, the lower resistance. Lower resistance reduces power loss up to 6% and increase the output power from 5W to 8W.

More Strings

Instead of 6 strings of cells in conventional 60-cells module, half-cell module includes 12 strings. It deals with the performance mismatch happened between cells caused by shading, cells’ initial heterogeneity and uneven degradation.

Standard module With 6 internal strings of cells
Module current output is 8.7A, current mismatch in series is 0.3A (9,7W) 
Half-cell module With 2×6 internal strings of cells
Module current output is 4.5+4.35=8.75A, current mismatch in series is 0.15A (4,85W)

Smaller Cells

The twice smaller cells generate smaller currents that help reduce “Cell To Module” loss. Smaller cell also means twice less damage from micro-cracks in the cell and stains on the glass for the hole module.

Performance & Efficiency

Efficiency upto 18.8%

Efficiency 16.5%


Cell’s operating current 4.66A
16.5% lower risk of hot-spots due to lower temperature in partially shaded cells

Cell’s operating current 9.5A
Higher risk of hot-spots in partially shaded cells

How does it improve our modules?

Compared to standard PV modules our new half-cell modules are more efficient, have higher performance and less prone to overheating. They better cope with partial shading and are less vulnerable to point mechanical damage and dirt.

Partial Shading

Point mechanical damage and dirt

Technology PERC

Ресурс 6

Increasing the absorption capacity of the photocell

Reflection of electrons in the p-n transition zone

And the last, but not least, half-cell PV modules has higher ROI!