Monocrystalline PV modules

Monocrystalline PV modulesABi-Solar Monocrystalline PV modules have 18% efficiency, which is one of the highest in the industry.

Each ABi-Solar’s crystal photomodulesare individually tested to verify its performance, power output and other parameters. ABi-Solar’s polycrystalline PV modules are designed for maximum efficiency to be used in insolation conditions with no more than 1200 kWh/m² per year, inherent to the Central European region.

Guaranteed performance: 95% power output for 5 years; 90% power output for 12 years; 85% power output for 18 years; 80% power output for 25 years.

Monocrystalline modules 275-285W (M60-D)1.4 MiB650
AB-60MHC-P 305-315W Monocrystalline Half-Cell PERC Modules4.3 MiB4
AB-60MHC-P 310-320W Monocrystalline Half-Cell PERC Modules4.2 MiB5
AB-72MHC-P Monocrystalline Half-Cell PERC Modules4.0 MiB61