ABi-Solar® SL series Stand-alone solar inverters

ABi-Solar SL series stand-alone (off-grid) solar inverters are designed to operate in a fully autonomous or backup power systems.

ABi-Solar® SL series inverters are equipped with PWM or MPPT charge controllers. ABi-Solar® SL MPPT Plus series inverters are featured with MPPT controllers and increased power of connected PV modules. These devices combine the functions of inverter, charge controller from the PV modules and AC charger. Also can be used as an uninterruptible power supply. Built-in LCD display allows to view and configure basic parameters of the station. Energy conversion efficiency is 93%.

The range of ABi-Solar® SL series off-grid inverters represented by five models with capacity from 1 to 5 VA.

SL/SLP series solar inverters814.4 KiB1220