ABi-Solar® GT series grid-tie inverters

ABi-Solar® GT series grid-tie invertersABi-Solar® GT series grid-tie inverters are intended for the on-grid solar power plants only. Two independent MPP-tracker and a wide input voltage range allow to get maximum power with PV modules, regardless of weather conditions.

The conversion efficiency of ABi-Solar® GT inverters reaches 98%. GT inverters IP65 ingress protection allows to install them outdoor. GT inverters are light, compact and easy mounting on the wall. The inverters are also equipped with free software for monitoring the operation of the PV station.

The range of ABi-Solar® GT series grid-tie inverters represented by five models with capacity from 1.5 to 10 kW.

Model GT 1.5K TL GT 2K TL GT 3K TL GT 5K TL GT 10K TL
Power DC/AC, W 1650/1500 2200/2000 3300/3000 5000/4600 11000/10000
Efficiency 96% 96% 97% 97,3% 98%
Dimensions, mm 136×268×410 136×268×410 160×270×450 182×308×515 171×503×653
Weight 11.5 kg 11.5 kg 15.0 kg 20.0 kg 40.0 kg